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Our story opens like most teen films with the party crowd being glorified. It looks like they are the popular clique that America’s youth would long to hang with. From fast cars to careless boundaries, we see this gang engaging in your typical late night dare for acceptance. The problem is the dare goes too far and Landon Carter () becomes the recipient of some unusual penance. He must help the janitors after school, spend his weekends tutoring Jr. High students, and be a part of the school’s drama club. Not a terrible alternative to a simple suspension. His punishment moves him from the world of being shallow to a world that will help him find himself.

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This foreshadows his fear that such a wonderful person as Jamie could be dying so young of such a terrible disease.


Another element that is important to note is irony.
Some examples of irony include:

1.) Jamie gives Landon one restriction if she goes to homecoming with him and that is that he won't fall in love with her.

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When Landon says, “It was, I remember, the most wonderful moment of my life”(240), it brings back to your memory the ups and downs that Landon and Jamie had throughout the story.