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The demand for my expertise as a pet finder was especially pressing when the snakes or iguana were involved, since grandmothers and other guests objected to coming across them suddenly in unexpected places.

But children do go to school, and after I stopped teaching there were the blessedly quiet hours of the school day in which to write, and the list of my published books began to grow, usually at the rate of one a year.

My second book evolved from the remains of a manuscript written when I was nineteen years old, a novel for adults set in a fictional town in Ventura County during the Depression.

It was a stormy day in Kampa level B-14.

Ahuitzotl was an aggressive king and began his reign by attackingthe cities of Xiquipilco, Chiapas, and Xilotepec, providing manyvictims for his lavish coronation that cost a year's tribute andto which he invited even his enemies. Ahuitzotl insisted thatallies join him in quelling the unrest in the coastal provinceof Huastec. The pyramids of the Great Temple in Tenochtitlan wereinaugurated in 1487 with four days of sacrifices that were reportedby several sources to claim an astonishing 80,400 lives. Thesesacrifices were justified by the belief that such rituals werenecessary to keep the sun on its course. The captive warriorswere mollified by being honored as gods prior to their heartsbeing cut out. Next the Mexica king ruthlessly devastated therebellious cities of Teloloapan and Oztoma, killing all the adultsand distributing 40,000 children around the empire.

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Stormy Day (Short Story) by Ashlee Wearne, Grade 7, WA

Meanwhile Xmucane mourns the death of the corn and rejoiceswhen it sprouts again. With the corn flour Xmucane makes the firstreal humans-Jaguar Quitze, Jaguar Night, Not Right Now, and DarkJaguar, the ancestors of the Quiché people. At first theyhave complete vision and perfect understanding, but Heart of Skyfogs up their vision so they can see clearly only what is close;they are given beautiful wives, and they multiply. They get firefrom Tohil, but he and two other gods are turned to stone whenthe sun rises for the first time; now the gods can only speakto them in spirit form. Followers of these gods try to appeasethem by abducting people, sacrificing them, and rolling theirheads onto the roads. So the Quiché send two radiant maidensto seduce their three boys. This fails, and the enemy tribes preparefor war. The Quichés are victorious and force the tribesto pay tribute regularly. Rebellions that occur are defeated,and victims are sacrificed. The Quiché king takes the titleof Plumed Serpent, and the capital at Rotten Cane has three greatpyramids and 23 palaces. Religious retreats involve fruit fastslasting from 180 to 340 days. Wars occur, ending in tribute, andthe lineage is recounted up to the Spanish period.