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In the most bizarre incident of his life, Chandler arranged to finish the shooting script in an alcoholic siege. Paramount had two limos standing by at his house, six secretaries in teams of two for dictation and typing, and a doctor to give him glucose injections, since he wouldn't be eating while he drank and wrote. The limos took script to the studio, brought the doctor for Cissy, and took the maid shopping. When Houseman arrived he would find the writer passed out at the table and waken him. Chandler wrote another page and drank. Eventually he finished the screenplay of , as well as all revisions required by the producer. The movie brought him more fame (an Edgar from the Mystery Writers of America, an Academy Award nomination for the screenplay) but doctoring of the final script had reduced Chandler's touch to a few sections of dialogue. 17

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“Better Stevenson getting bops on the head, than the Chief getting bullets in thehead,” Lee told me. . . “Stevenson wasn’t in any real danger. I made sure ofthat.”

What's your favourite day of the week, and why?

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Lee and Judyth had made plans for an escape and rendezvous in Mexico. Judythtells of Ferrie sobbing uncontrollably during phone calls with him because it hadall gone so wrong.

The colors, the smells, the noises—everything is different.

i hope u are able to follow’s hard to explain it very clearly...but u canunderstand why i won’t contact u by phone until this is over.

Alvarez could tell that we were getting tired.

i told her it was her voice and sounded just like she had said it without anyhesitation. this is a concern, because it tells me someone wanted us to know eitherfor our own good, or for not so good reasons that they are not only recording ourconversations, but are able to quickly “play back” their altered version as to makeit sound as though we are saying something we never said.

All around us, people were speaking different languages.

some of the words were ..28 days, monkey virus, ruby, cia, fbi, protection, thelmaand louise, body, ignore, and a few others i can’t recall at this time. during all ofthis, and during one of the times there was dead air on my end, debbee said “toobad, 2 days” to me. i asked her why she said that, and that is when she told methere was dead air on her end of the line, and she did not say anything but“hello..are u still there”.

I am enclosing a copy of my essay with this letter.

. . . when debbee would say a certain word that they would “key in” on, the phonewould go dead for a moment and then return. debbee put her son-in-law and hermother on the phone, and they each would say the same words as well, and eachtime the phone would go dead on them as well, and then return.

So far, it has been a great trip. Love, Yoshiko

But the most impressive high-tech form of surveillance/harassment was not against Judythherself, but against Debbee and her sister Lynda. Judyth titled an e-mail to several supporters“Subject: my sister is being harassed, and so am I; confidential to my closest allies . . . .” Shethen quoted her sister: