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That sense of strength, openness, and hope was what we felt after watching Field of Dreams. The Postman is a very different story, yet it aims to deliver the same message to the heart: We are in this together. (Ironically, The Postman movie's message is exactly opposite to the moral message conveyed by Waterworld... think about it!)

Citing Elias, Postman adds that a clear distinction was drawn between private and public behavior.

"Lying still, Gordon felt a sad poignancy — something like homesickness. The jeep, the symbolic, faithful letter carrier, the flag patch ... they recalled comfort, innocence, cooperation, an easy life that allowed millions of men and women to relax, to smile or argue as they chose, to be tolerant with one another — and to hope to be better people with the passage of time." — The Postman

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And without secrets or any sense of shame, Postman adds, childhood must necessarily disappear.

"Brin is a natural storyteller. The Postman is an entertaining yet disturbing work which offers a reaffimation that dreams die hard, and dreams of a civilized world die the hardest of all."

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The Postman has been translated into Bulgarian, Czech, Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish. Here are some of the covers of the foreign and foreign-language publications.

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It is in that Postman first broaches the themes of electronic media changing the character of adult intellectual and emotional capacities, emphasizing emotional responses to political candidates, consumer products, and social issues as opposed to rational interest, logic, reflection, and reason (50, 63, & 98).

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Groups are largely defined by the exclusivity of information and knowledge that their members share, Postman says, and adults no longer enjoy such exclusive knowledge (80).

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"An engaging novel, serious and light-hearted, with all the charm and innocence of a Frank Capra film ... A post-holocaust tale that is inspiring, often moving and (strange as it may sound) fun to read."

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And yet, all told, Cheryl and I came away more pleased than unhappy with what Costner created. Despite many flaws, it's a pretty good movie — if you let yourself get into it. One that deals with important issues and is more faithful to the book than I expected at any point in the last decade. Costner's postman is a man of decency, a callused idealist who has to learn the hard way about responsibility and what it means to be a hero. The movie is filled with scenes that convey how deeply we would miss the gracious little things, if ever they were gone. In fact, it includes some clever or touching moments that I wish I'd thought of, when writing the book!