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Extended Essays containing more than 4,000 words are subject to penalties and examiners are not required to read material in excess of the word limit.

and the length of the average word in the essay.

I don't expect the NY UBE F17 release date to be any sooner than 4/26/17 (63 days from the test end date). The F16 results were released 62 days from the test end date, and I expect there to be more F17 examinees than F16 examinees. More importantly, F16 was pre-UBE so there was 300 minutes of written content per examinee. The F17 UBE consists of 360 minutes of written content per examinee. This is a 20% increase in content the graders must read. If NYBOLE releases the F17 scores earlier than the F16 scores, it kind of suggests they put a bit less effort into grading the F17 essays/MPTs. With pass rates being where they are, if I was a bar examiner, I wouldn't want examinees feeling short-changed on grading. To anyone that fails the F17 UBE exam, if you complete the , I will send you a comprehensive score analysis along with my advice. I have provided this free report to over 4,000 failing examinees. Click to see a sample of the . I also make a free 37 page . The report will tell you a lot of useful things such as how your essays/MPTs deviated from others and if you missed out on issue-spotting buzzwords/etc.

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