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The Party is also able to destroy love outside of marriage such as that between Winston and Julia. Their relationship begins as hatred, blooms into a fulfilling love, and then is transformed into indifference. The entire progression of their feelings towards each other is manufactured by the Party. During their first unrecorded meeting, Winston offers a "love offering" (100) by telling Julia what his feelings were before they met: "I hated the sight of you... I wanted to rape you and then murder you afterwards" (101). The mask that Julia put on to fool the authorities into thinking that she was a good citizen also fooled Winston. As a result, he hated her for conforming so whole-heartedly like his wife did. But after he realizes that was just a facade that she put on to fool others, Winston falls completely in love with her. They take enormous risks to be together first in the countryside and then in an apartment rented from a prole. When the couple is questioned by O'Brien before their acceptance into the Brotherhood, they quickly agree to commit a whole list of atrocities including to "throw sulfuric acid in a child's face," to "commit murder," and even to "commit suicide" (142) if doing so would help destroy the Party but they refuse to separate from each other. Julia responds with a quick a decisive "No!" (143) when O'Brien asks if they are willing to separate and, even though it takes him a while to deliberate on an answer, Winston also says that he will not separate from Julia even for the sake of the Brotherhood. The love that is displayed here is so strong that they are not willing to let it go for the Brotherhood even though they are willing to commit murder, suicide, and the maiming of children for the same cause. The only reason that this love was allowed to bloom was that O'Brien was cultivating the two, especially Winston, as opponents that he could crush later. If the Party had not waited to intervene, it would have been able to crush Winston and Julia's love before it ever became so strong.

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During the torture that follows, O'Brien becomes a sort of protector in Winston's mind. He hears O'Brien's voice in his sleep, "'Don't worry, Winston; you are in my keeping. For seven years I have watched over you" (201). Even though he knows that O'Brien is the reason that he was arrested in the first place and that he is the one who is responsible for continuing his torture, Winston still feels affection towards him. This affection is not broken even after weeks of torture: "The peculiar reverence for O'Brien, which nothing seemed able to destroy, flooded Winston's heart again" (225) in the midst of another torture session. While Winston should be full of hatred towards O'Brien, his torturer, he is full of love instead. Even when O'Brien exposes Winston to rats, the thing he fears most, in Room 101, Winston keeps loving him. Instead of hating O'Brien, Winston begins to hate Julia. The void of normal love in Oceania is filled with this strange love between the tortured and his torturer.

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George Orwell's novel 1984 suggest that two characters, Julia and Winston, are different ..

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